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Risk management

Risk management is a strategic tool for increasing value creation in a company. It is about identifying, estimating and controlling costs. The process also involves planning, analysing and evaluating risk. This is what organizations need, and according to the new ISO standards, it should also be introduced to achieve the company's purpose and goals.

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One thing that unites all DNV employees, irrespective of department or business area, is the management of risk.

To assess what is safe, or safe enough, we must understand risk. In other words, that means both the probability that something may fail, and the consequence of that failure. Within this area, we are in possession of broad experience from our core competence in the energy and maritime areas.

Risk management in many areas

DNV can help you with risk management within our main sectors:

Do you want to know more about what we can do for your business in these areas? Contact us, and we will help you.

Learn about risk management with DNV

Do you want to learn more about risk management and its importance for your organization? Our courses will provide you with knowledge on how your business can achieve sound and structured risk management. Read more about what we can do for you here.

Risk management courses at DNV

In accordance with the new ISO standards for risk management, DNV can offer risk management courses to customers.

During the course, you will understand how risk management can help you implement and work with risk analyzes of your management system and processes according to the ISO standards. You will get an introduction to, and practical experience with, risk management as a tool. You will learn how to use the tool to prioritize and assess resources and activities to achieve goals. In addition, you will learn how this can reduce risk.

Risk management in HSE/practical risk assessment

Health, safety and the environment are three points important to handle properly in a business. If HSE is not handled correctly, you may risk an unhealthy and dangerous workplace for your employees. Examples of this may be accidents, injuries, bad working conditions, and occupational diseases.

DNV can help your company with proper HSE management. With us, you will find the most effective methods for improving personnel safety in your business.

We help you with risk management in HSE, as well as managing risk using tailored services and optimal methods. We have experience from many different industries, and we can help you achieve better results in risk management.

Do you want to know more about what we can do for risk management in the field of HSE in your company? Then you can read about it here.

We also offer courses in practical risk assessment/risk management in HSE.

Strategic risk management

In addition to the above courses, we can offer a course in strategic risk assessment/risk management. The course provides a general introduction to business management in terms of processes, results, vision, and management systems. The course is suitable for managers and personnel responsible for risk management, or for developing and managing business processes and management systems.

Risk Management from Synergi Life

We can also offer The Risk Management software, which can help you and your organization with the risk management process. 

The software is easy to use and has a high level of flexibility for understanding, structuring and reporting the risk picture in real time. The Risk Management module was developed to meet the growing demand for risk management, and supports all stages of decision-making within the organization.

This software will help you with the following:

  • Structuring risk effectively
  • Balancing risk opportunities
  • Reducing additional costs
  • Avoiding loss from unwanted events
  • Processing all parts of risk management

If you would like to know more about what the software can do for you and your organization, please contact us, or read more about Synergi Life in our brochures, videos and other articles.

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