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Renewable energy

Would you like to start a career in renewable energy? DNV is a leader in the global energy sector, who now wants to offer students a chance to be a part of the future.

Working with renewable energy is a safe and future-oriented career path. It is also exciting and challenging to work with, and there are endless opportunities in the global job market. If you are interested in renewable energy and want to check out the opportunities, read on here.

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A career in renewable energy

There is a strong focus on renewable energy globally, and energy companies around the world are investing heavily in renewable energy such as wind power, hydropower, solar power and bioenergy. The cost of producing renewable energy is now competitive compared to the cost of producing coal and gas. A career in renewable energy is future-oriented and sustainable, and has never been more exciting.

At DNV, we are always looking for new candidates, and we believe in combining old knowledge and new technology. If you are entrepreneurial and knowledgeable, passionate about renewable energy, and want a global career with exciting opportunities, you have come to the right place.

Who are we?

DNV is a global leader in consulting, testing and certification in the global energy sector. We provide classification and technical reliability analyses along with software and independent expert advice to:

  • The maritime sector
  • The oil and gas sector
  • Energy companies

One of our most important tasks is to balance business needs with those of society in the best possible way. DNV operates in more than 100 countries, and our dedicated professionals help customers make the world safer, smarter and greener. Read more about us here.

Renewable energy is the future

Focus on climate change and sustainability has created a lot of attention on renewable energy globally, making it both an exciting, future-oriented and safe career path. As a student, you will acquire solid interdisciplinary expertise in topics such as economics, ecology, technology and the environment, preparing you for planning and making assessments related to a variety of interest groups and academic communities.

At DNV, we continuously recruit both experienced professionals and graduates in renewable energy. This is necessary to always be at the forefront of technology and sustainability. We want to attract and develop young professionals for global careers with DNV, offering several exciting trainee programs. In addition, we highlight a variety of summer jobs every year, for bachelor students, and for master students in the fourth year. We are looking for young graduates in the maritime sector, the oil and gas sector, energy, corporate governance and digital solutions, as well as IT, finance and HR. Follow this page and sign up for the mailing list with information on relevant projects.

The combination of years of experience and fresh university expertise has proved to be a very successful composition in renewable energy. Young and sharp heads are good at pondering new ideas and finding solutions, using technology that can develop renewable and sustainable societies. And so, we believe in hiring graduates. With us, you can put theory into practice while challenging professionals in the industry with fresh knowledge right from the university.

We solve today's challenges and see tomorrow's opportunities

At DNV, we help companies make good decisions and see how things are interdependent across a multidisciplinary plan, to find smarter and sustainable alternatives. We have a broad view of the world, which has made us world leader in the global energy sector. We are committed to managing risk, without compromising security and results. Among other things, we offer:

  • High knowledge of machinery
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Integrated software
  • HVDC transmission

At DNV, we have a large group of dedicated and independent experts, and we would love to include you on the team. If you are passionate about renewable energy, finding solutions to renew power generation and seeing tomorrow's opportunities, we want you. Continuous recruitment of students, professionals and experts enables us to better understand and prepare for the future. Together, we will create a society that is safer, smarter and greener.

On our career pages, you can read more about what we are doing, and check out the opportunities in renewable energy.

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