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DNV Software Development: what we are working on now and in the future

Are you a diverse software developer?

First, we are a company in growth and we are always looking for talented software developers. DNV offers software developers exciting opportunities within new cloud technology and the opportunities this provides for our software and our customers. DNV offers many different career paths and opportunities to have various types of roles. 

Some of the areas we are working in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Veracity
  • Full stack
  • Front end
  • Back end
  • UX

How we work 

Building on DNV's strong domain knowledge gives us a great competitive advantage as a software company when it comes to addressing the market's need for effective, advanced and future-oriented solutions. We work in multidisciplinary teams composed of employees who have different domain knowledge, including in the fields of hydrodynamics, renewables, construction techniques, link analyses and informatics. DNV is focusing on new services using new technologies. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data security and our Veracity industry data platform are also important in this regard.

We are always looking for

Our software developers demonstrate a willingness to constantly learn new things and further develop our software. Some of the things a job as a DNV software developer can feature are: 

  • Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs
  • Testing and evaluating new programs
  • Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications
  • Writing and implementing efficient code
  • Determining operational practicality
  • Developing quality assurance procedures
  • Deploying software tools, processes, and metrics
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems
  • Training users
  • Working closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts

Future challenges 

Software-controlled systems are making vessels increasingly complex. How can the maritime industry prepare for the growing risk this creates to human life, equipment and the environment?

Vessels are becoming more complex and software-controlled, and ships and rigs are to a greater extent being supported from land-based control rooms, we see a growing need for better verification of safety-critical systems. The industry is also increasingly requiring this to be documented and that the verification can be traced in a proper manner. We are always looking for talented people who can help with these challenges. 

What we do now: digital twins 

DNV uses digital twins for several different purposes in various parts of its operations. In short, a digital twin is an exact digital representation of a physical object or process, including software and control systems, that is used to optimize the development, building and operation of, for example, ships.

To meet the challenges involved in software-controlled vessels, DNV uses digital twins as a tool for testing control systems in a virtual environment when using simulator-based (HIL) testing. We run a simulator-based testing regime on a safety-critical system, often with several systems connected to each other, to test the functionality of the systems before they are installed on board. This is done both during the building period and when updating systems while the vessel is in operation.

Step by step 

  • In collaboration with the manufacturer of the equipment to be tested, DNV builds an exact digital copy of the vessel.
  • Then a testing programme is prepared, based on the customer's previous experience of using the same type of system as is to be tested along with input from the system's supplier.
  • The digital twin is then connected to the system to be tested.

In that way, a specific system can be tested, or several systems can be tested at the same time, to verify optimal functionality. The control system that is the target of the testing regime is thus connected to a digital twin of the vessel and behaves as if it is connected on board. The goal is for the system to see no difference between being connected on board and being connected on the digital twin.

What we do now: SYNERGI LIFE 

Synergi Life is one of the world’s most reputable risk management software, and it has been developed at our headquarters in Stavanger. All companies, both large and small, can use it. With the help of the simple reporting system and IoT, we manage to pick up many details deep down in the organization to obtain an overview.

Despite being a mature company in a tech context, DNV is one of the leading players in this field worldwide. International companies are now very aware of risk, but most lack a complete risk picture to manage in accordance with. 

That’s exactly what our risk management software Synergi Life can help with. Synergi Life contains all the tools needed to deal with: 

  • HSE, non-conformances
  • Incidents
  • Risks
  • Risk analyses
  • Revisions
  • Assessments
  • And improvement proposals

What we are working on:

DNV software developers are developing systems that accelerate shipping’s green shift. Shipping must reduce all its emissions drastically by 2050, and DNV is working on several digital solutions to speed up the maritime industry’s opportunity to achieve this.

We are experiencing great demand for certificates documenting that ship engines meet the stricter emission requirements – Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP) certificates. The ‘tech-stack’ on the EIAPP project includes .NET Core (backend) and React (frontend), which are exposed as web components. The advantage of web components is that we’ve been able to share functionality via modular micro-frontends across old and new applications without any major incompatibility problems, while also being able to count on good compatibility with most browsers. 

Why you should work with us:

If you work at DNV you will truly have a meaningful job. Our Software developers find it motivating to create digital tools that can help reduce emissions from ships and make shipping cleaner.  Technology, data and software will play a key role in solving the challenges of industry and society in the years to come. At DNV you will be a part of the journey driving the industry towards decarbonization, digitalization and achieving the UN Sustainability goals. 

We are looking for both graduates and experienced software engineers. If you like agile software development and working in cross-functional teams, you should explore our opportunities today.

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