Strategy & programme

Build effective cyber security strategies and programmes to secure critical OT and IT infrastructure.

Safeguard critical industrial and IT infrastructure through effective cyber security strategies and programmes that are based on a real-world understanding of your exposure to risk and the mitigating actions you need to take to build a powerful line of defence.

Build stakeholder support and awareness for cyber security programmes through access to strategic guidance, based on industry-specific best practices, that will inform and protect your organization against fast-evolving cyber threats.

Understand and address your cyber risks

In this fast-evolving field, it’s important to work with a cyber security advisor who understands the assets, systems and equipment you’re seeking to protect, as well as the time and budgetary pressures you face.

DNV enables you to create strategies and programmes that protect your organization from cyber incidents by empowering your workforce to execute their roles securely.

If you don’t have the in-house resources or knowledge to create or implement effective cyber security programmes, DNV relieves that burden. Our experienced cyber security experts provide targeted assistance for setting up governance programmes, mitigating specific cyber security threats, and achieving compliance with relevant regulation, standards, and customer requirements.

Gain peace of mind that your cyber security strategies and programmes are robust, resilient, focused, and compliant – today and for the future. From the technology itself to the people that use it and the processes they follow, move beyond compliance to develop cost-effective cyber security programmes across the full lifecycle of your assets and operations, from preventative measures to incident response plans.

Our strategy & programme services

Employing recognized industry standards, frameworks and DNV tools and methodology, we provide tailored advice on developing cyber security strategies and programmes for critical OT and IT infrastructure, including:

  • Cyber security high-level assessments
    Understand your current exposure to cyber attacks and your ability to recover from a cyber incident. DNV experts with industry-specific knowledge will assess your overall cyber security status, including current exposure and existing security measures, and provide a prioritized list for immediate improvements and a roadmap for achieving higher levels of security.
  • Cyber security programme
    Gain confidence that your cyber security governance policies and procedures can defend assets and operations from cyber security threats. Optimize your cyber security roadmap by undertaking a gap analysis and prioritizing measures against relevant regulation, standards and stakeholder requirements.
  • Cyber security due diligence
    Verify that critical industrial and IT infrastructure and information systems meet relevant standards and regulation, and are compliant with best practices in people, technology and processes through our red flag assessments.
  • Cyber security incident preparedness
    Ensure that you can withstand and recover from an attack by defining plans for detecting, responding, reporting and recovering from cyber incidents. DNV provides guidance on establishing, implementing, and testing incident management processes and policies to enable your organization to prepare to tackle cyber security incidents before they happen.

Why work with DNV?

DNV combines specialist industry knowledge with engineering expertise and information system best practice to assess your critical infrastructure from every angle. Drawing on nearly 160 years of domain knowledge, our services provide asset owners and their suppliers with the confidence that their OT and IT strategies and processes are aligned with industry best practices.