Lumina - performance benchmarking

Turn your audit data into opportunities through Big Data analytics. 

LuminaTM is a set of tools that provides better insight into your management system. Lumina analyses the information hidden in your company's audit data and allows you to benchmark your company against thousands of others worldwide based on more than 1.6 million audit findings.

Obtain an overview of your own sites' performance. Spot warning signs at an early stage. See how you compare to similar companies in your industry.

Lumina helps to turn data into insight, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. 

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Customer Portal

Manage your certification through your account

eAdvantage provides you with a complete overview of your former and future audit activities. Through the portal you can see upcoming activities, work with findings and close non-conformities, communicate with the auditor, share audit information, access certificates and monitor your overall progress.

*Available to new customers subject to approval

Next Generation Risk Based Certification - transfer

Risk Based Certification

Latest risk based certification approach - more than just a certificate

Taking certification to the next level, our audit methodology allows you to demonstrate compliance to the chosen standard while building sustainable business performance over time. 

The first step is to UNDERSTAND your organisation and its context.  This includes to identify your long-term business targets, the most relevant stakeholders (interested parties), both internal and external, that make demands on your management system and your most critical risks preventing you from reaching your long-term business target.  

You should also to consider which risks could prevent you from reaching each of the long-term business targets and which your management system could help you manage. Based upon this, at the opening meeting you and your auditor are now better positioned to discuss and PRIORITIZE your most critical risks and where to focus the audit. 

The focus areas should reflect your  long-term business targets, and thus what matters the most to your organization and business objectives. Together you will DEFINE 1-3 focus area(s) for at the audit.

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Combined Audit Project - transfer

Combined Audits

Save time and money with combined audits

Our auditors are trained in multiple standards and can conduct integrated audits on site   

One integrated system  
There is often a high degree of compatibility between the management system standards, although they cover different areas. Many organisations choose to build their management system into one integrated system, covering areas such as quality, health and safety, and the environment. By integrating several standards into one management system, you can eliminate duplication of work.

All critical areas in one audit  
An integrated management system will allow you to keep your documentation simple as you will not have to prepare a complete set of documentation for each individual standard. Whether you choose this integrated system approach or build parallel management systems to cover each area, all of your company’s critical areas can be evaluated and certified in a single combined certification audit

Account Management

Account Management

Gaining certification is not just about a certificate. There are a bunch of people in the background supporting. With DNV GL you get a single point of contact to help you with tasks along the way

  • Changes to scope of certificate 
  • Scheduling audits and planning support 
  • Technical teams 
  • Customer administration
  • Free guidance on changes to the standards
At the start of 2016 we launched a customer portal that allows manage your certification process online.

Partnership industry experts

Industry experts and partnership approach

We have offices all over the world that can provide local service to you. Our employees speak your language and know your local needs, customs, and market. Wherever you are, our auditors make it a point to know the business you are in

We have one of the most stringent auditor training and qualification programmes in the business, guaranteeing that our Risk Based Certification services are delivered with top quality every time, everywhere. Our auditors speak your language and know your local needs, customs and markets. They know the business you are in and are trained to understand the challenges you face, and they understand the relationship between your business goals and the operational processes of your company

Whatever your industry or company size we know you have a vision for your business and we can help formulate a plan to get there.  Whether you are looking at integrated audits across international sites, require additional assurance to manage complex supply chains or you need certification to enter new markets – we can help.  

Today, certification requires a partnership approach

• Understand where you are today.

• Formulate a plan on where you want to be tomorrow

• Decide on how to get there

• Facilitate Continual Improvement and Business Excellence

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We provide various training to better equip your organisation to implement and audit effective quality management systems and help you towards operational excellence and sustainable business performance.

Why invest in training?

Effective training, that increases business knowledge, is the best investment leadership can make to show that they are committed to create a performance culture and take care of their employees. Leaders are judged on how they improve the operational performance of their organization and how motivated and engaged the workforce is – we work with them to encourage a proactive approach to training and motivating their employees. 

Added value from in-house training  

DNV GL works with organizations to make the most of their outlays for training programs by doing a better job of understanding which of them create business value, and how. We can offer all of our training courses in-house and will tailor them to your need.

Check out our training catalogue here.

Bespoke Audit Protocol

Bespoke Audit Protocols

We offer a number of audit approaches tailored to your needs

Generic Audit Protocols
Generic protocols cover known international standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The benefit of a Generic Audit Protocol is that it provides a more objective audit result through the use of scored questions linked to the requirements of the audit standards

Bespoke Audit Protocols
Bespoke Audit Protocols take the idea of scored audits to a new level, by building on the recognised audit standards through the addition of client expectations, policies and processes into the scored audit question set.  

Scored Audits 
A scored audit adds to this through the use of graphical displays which have a significant impact for internal communication and gaining management attention more quickly. Improvement (or decline) over time can also be measured and demonstrated through the use of absolute scores, percentage scores, 'levels' of achievement linked to client defined 'thresholds'.