DNV - Business Assurance: COVID-19 measures and travel restrictions

This page has been set up to provide you with the latest details on DNV – Business Assurance’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will be updated regularly.

Since the start, Crisis Management Teams at local and Group level have provided guidance on preventive measures. We continue to work to prevent the presence of the virus on our premises. Our primary focus remains in the health and safety of our people, partners, customers and their respective families. Putting safety first, we strive to minimize disruption to our operations and support customers’ business continuity. We have put in place the following measures to minimize the spread of the virus and protect people:
  • Travel restrictions
  • Office closures, reducing the number of persons on the premises and/or enabling work from home
  • Use of virtual communication tools for online customer meetings and remote audits, webinars and online internal and external meetings, etc.
  • Extensive information on preventive measures such as hand hygiene and availability of hand sanitizers
  • Continual information on situation and guidelines for specific geographies, and how to behave in case of symptoms
  • Heightened hygiene controls and prevention measures at office premises.
DNV is monitoring official announcements from national and local authorities, International SOS, and the World Health Organization (WHO) for developments. Instructions and guidelines to all employees are coordinated by our Group crisis team. Additional hygiene and preventive controls are deployed in areas where the virus is spreading. As the situation progresses, we will continually adjust our internal protocols to ensure that people are protected and to help customers keep their supply chains operating. With this having become a pandemic, it is crucial that we respond to COVID-19 in line with the WHO and country-specific guidance from official authorities to minimize impact. DNV will keep all stakeholders informed as the situation develops.