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Infection risk management: ensure safe operations in a post COVID-19 landscape

Companies returning to business must navigate a new environment. They must provide confidence to stakeholders that they are implementing measures for safe and secure operations. The My Care framework helps assess, manage and mitigate infection risk enabling businesses to communicate trust to the market.

Infection risk management has become a core performance driver. This will seemingly continue in the post COVID-19 landscape.  Preventive and mitigating actions must incorporate all national, international and industry requirements. The level of infection risk management required has previously only been common in hospitals. Moreover, the COVID-19 landscape is fast changing and new processes and systems must be developed and implemented quickly, continually updated and checked. How can companies field an adequate response, rapidly, to something so complex?

Translating all COVID-19 prompted requirements into compliant processes and ensuring  sound implementation across your organization requires considerable efforts. While hygiene and anti-contamination measures may already be part of your HSE policies and related management systems, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic demands additional specific, more stringent and sometimes drastic changes. However, when approached thoroughly, an infection risk management system can be very powerful and build the necessary trust toward all stakeholders.

How can it help my business?

  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Provide assurance to key stakeholders of your capability to manage risk;
  • Build a robust management system for rapid COVID response and long-term business resilience;
  • Communicate to customers, employees and other stakeholders  that you are operating a safe and secure business.

Our solutions

With our My Care framework, DNV can help assess, manage and mitigate infection risk in your management system, processes and operations:

  • Address specific needs, such as reopening activities, improvement programs or development of bespoke programs specific to your company or industry.
  • Generate a specific statement that can be used in your stakeholder communication. All statements are stored on our blockchain for added trust and integrity.
  • Provide a dedicated My Care trust mark to be used in your digital channels or physically on your premises to build customer trust in your ability to manage infection risk.

In addition, we can provide and develop tailored training programs for your employees.

The My Care methodology combines DNV’s infection prevention and accreditation standards for hospitals with our risk management and industry best-practices. It is developed by our risk management experts and in-house healthcare surveyors and medical professionals. Our infection risk management solutions are designed to provide a rapid response to reopen for business and establishing lasting infection risk management processes to build a robust response long-term.