Condition Assessment Programme (CAP)

Reputable throughout the industry, our CAP service rates the quality of your vessel to help you meet vetting requirements.

Do you need documentation and added assurance that your tanker or bulker is in the appropriate condition for the ship’s operational performance and needs, regardless of how old it is?

DNV’s condition assessment programme (CAP) is already well established within the tanker industry, and also improves risk assessment in the bulker sector.

CAP is a voluntary, thorough verification of the condition of the vessel at the time of inspection. The main purpose is to document the quality of aged vessels and to make it possible to judge the vessel based on its current condition rather than its age. CAP is a consultancy service and is independent yet complementary to class.

CAP consists of the following optional modules:

  • CAP Hull
  • CAP Machinery and Cargo Systems (CAP MC)

Deliveries include a CAP Declaration with an overall rating of the vessel and technical reports containing descriptions, observations, analysis, ratings and photos of typical condition and of defects and repairs.

Our condition assessment programme has an excellent reputation across the industry:

  • Gain confidence with our support, as DNV is a leading CAP provider with extensive experience in vetting requirements from oil majors
  • Get support where you need it, as our  qualified CAP surveyors are available in a number of locations worldwide
  • Benefit from reliable documentation of the condition of your aged tanker or bulk carrier

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