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Faroese fisheries certified as sustainable and well-managed

Faroese mackerel, herring and blue whiting win MSC certificates.

DNV GL Business Assurance is pleased to announce the successful Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the Faroese Pelagic Organisation (FPO) and Felagið Ídnaðarskip (FIV) and their Atlanto Scandian herring, North East Atlantic mackerel and North East Atlantic blue whiting fisheries. Faroese fisheries represent 11 boats in total, employ around 300 fishermen and land over half a million tonnes of oily fish each year.  

Faroese Pelagic Organisation (FPO) and Felagið Ídnaðarskip (FIV) have put the great efforts to attain the certification and are committed to continue to work on improving the international management of these fisheries. To do so, they have defined an action plan that will be carried out over the next five years.  

DNV GL is confident that all this work and dedication will strengthen the sustainability of these pelagic stocks and benefit local communities, fishermen and consumers. 


For more information, visit MSC's website.