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Every summer DNV offers students a chance to be part of our exciting summer project at the Høvik campus. Perhaps participating in a summer project can be your starting point in DNV? Are you comfortable with complex problem solving, critical thinking and powered with creativity? This could be the opportunity you are looking for!

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DNV puts a lot of effort and expertise into selecting an interesting topic that covers a broad scope of study areas for our annual summer project. This work is done by our own knowledgeable engineers and risk consultants.

Read a summer greeting from the students that were part of the 2019 summer project "How can we improve the way DNV handles requirements?"

Real challenge – real learning

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The summer project is organized during the summer months for students in their fourth year of a master’s degree programme. Each year we take on a number of students with varied cultural and academic backgrounds who will work intensively on the project for six weeks. The outcome of the project is a product developed by challenging each other’s ideas and building on each other’s strengths.

The students from previous years agreed that the weeks at the head office have given them an amazing summer and an unforgettable time.

They express gratitude towards DNV colleagues and external experts that enabled the realization of the project through always being available, positive and supportive.

The project starts with team building and technical presentations, as well as training in presentation skills. After six weeks working on the project, the team presents the result to the top management and colleagues at the office at Høvik (outside Oslo).

The topic for 2021 will be "Floating Wind 2040: how is it successful and what is DNV's role?”. You will leverage DNV’s technical and commercial experience in wind energy, power systems, offshore oil and gas and maritime; and explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IOT, augmented and virtual reality across the project life-cycle. The topic is industrial relevant, challenging and it should be lots of learning opportunities for you! 

Your background and passion will typically be within renewable energy, engineering, mathematics, data science, IT or business/economics. Of course, if you are a person people find it fun to work with, we would like to read your application!

If you are not a fourth year master student - take a look at all the other summer jobs we offer in 2021. Perhaps you can find something that's a better fit for you?

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