Trainee programmes

Different trainee programmes require different competencies

DNV trainees at the Veritas centre (Høvik, near Oslo)

Do you want to join DNV's upcoming Finance Trainee programme starting next year? Right now there’s a unique opportunity to join a global leader in helping customers tackle the transformation towards a more digital and sustainable future!

DNV wants to attract, retain and develop our employees in order to meet our strong technical and commercial position. One way to do this is through our trainee programmes.

The philosophy behind the trainee programmes is to recruit and train  candidates in their fields of expertise. These highly qualified young employees strengthen DNV’s network of global expertise. 

Please note that the trainee programmes don’t start every year. However, in DNV you will have the same opportunity for development, career move and network building as being a trainee.

CFO Kjetil Ebbesberg
Kjetil Ebbesberg, Chief Financial Officer shares his thoughts of the Finance Trainee programme
Emil - technical trainee
Emil Carlsson explains how the Technical Trainee programme in Ship Classification works

DNV recruits graduates in a broad range of areas

The trainee opportunities on offer vary from year to year, based on market conditions and DNVs current needs. Today our trainee opportunities include:

  • Finance Trainee – coordinated from DNV Group, and we welcome to a 24 month programme consisting of 3 x 8 months rotations, where one is abroad. We are now preparing for recruiting finance trainees for start August 2022. The advertisement will be published here prior to Christmas holiday.
    Application deadline will be early January, so please keep yourself updated

  • Technical Trainee Norway – Maritime Class (18 months duration)

  • Maritime Trainee Programme (Norway – coordinated by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Rederiforbundet) (18 months duration)

Are you ready for a challenge? 

We look for individuals with a strong desire for an international career within DNV. You should be proactive, curious, and eager to learn, have an open mind and keen interest in problem solving. In addition, having an open, positive attitude and working as a team player is vital.

The programmes on offer each year vary based on market conditions. Our trainee programmes start in late August/beginning of September, with application deadlines usually in February each year. Follow DNV on LinkedIn or set up an alert in our job application portal to stay up to date with the trainee programmes on offer.

DNV is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age or political opinion. Diversity is fundamental to our culture and we invite you to be part of this diversity!

Thea Vinje Samuelsen and Kjetil Ebbesberg
Thea Vinje Samuelsen and Kjetil Ebbesberg explain DNV and the role as a Finance Trainee
Thea Vinje Samulsen explains her rotation as a Finance Trainee
Sigbjørn Andresen and Fredrik Annweiler
Sigbjørn Andresen and Fredrik Annweiler states the work-life balance in DNV while still working on exciting and challenging projects
Finance Trainee Fredrik
Fredrik Annweiler explains his rotation as a Finance Trainee