CONNECT is a social and professional organization for all employees “young at heart” in DNV.


It is a place to meet other employees to build your social and professional network within DNV and across other companies. The main part of the organization is located at the head office at Høvik, but social and professional activities are organized in all corners of the company!


The activities take place all year round and includes, among many other activities, Workshops, Lunch & Learns, After Works, cross-company meetings and seminars, yearly cabin trips and Christmas party.

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I think it is very important to engage with the next generation in our company, represented by CONNECT. The next generation represents the future of our company – and our world! This is why we continue to support having CONNECT groups at different offices.

  • Remi Eriksen ,
  • Group President and CEO​

CONNECT is an important network for fostering both social and professional connections across DNV. They know how to organize activities and experiences that are relevant and resonate with their audience. I am grateful and proud that this network is thriving through the efforts of its volunteers.

  • Gro Gotteberg ,
  • Group CHRO

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