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Veracity and PAS students 2021

IT and Software jobs:

A summer job in DNV will consist of teamwork in a friendly work environment. You will work on specific tasks guided by our technical experts. 

Previous summer students have experienced our summer jobs to be an excellent opportunity to get to know DNV as a workplace, while obtaining valuable and real work experience. 

DNV is currently investing heavily in digitalization technologies and we are looking for candidates who are open-minded, curious and enjoy thinking outside the box. 

At Høvik – start the day with a swim in the fjord before work and enjoy an ice cream at the beach during lunch!

IT and Software jobs:

I have never learned as much in such a short period as I have done at DNV this summer.
Magnus Meyer,
  • Summer Student in Maritime Digital Development 2022
Spending my summer at DNV was truly a great experience. I gained valuable insight within my field, working with actual industry cases in a multidisciplinary team. I was impressed by the welcoming and helpful employees working there, and their high level of competence. Also, I had a lot of fun!
Hanna Kongshem,
  • Summer student in DNV - Digital Solutions
I am very grateful that we had at least one senior developer available throughout the summer. There was always someone to help us or guide us in our job. That led to a great work environment where we learned new things every day!
Jonah Wiecek,
  • Summer Student in Maritime Digital Development 2022

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Hiring around 100 IT and technology students this summer.

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Recruitment Scams

It has come to our attention that various individuals or organizations have used our name to solicit advance fees and documentation from applicants in relation to non-existing jobs by sending out letters with what appears to be our company logo.

DNV does not ask for money transfers or payments from applicants to secure a job, either as an employee or as a contractor, and will never ask for payments towards travel expenses, travel insurance or visas/work permits, etc.  Learn more about the process of joining DNV.