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Climate change is inevitable. Assessing, managing and disclosing climate risk and opportunities has become the new normal. Preparing your organization to manage these changes will help secure long term value and competitive advantage.

What is climate risk?

For many organizations climate risk is often synonymous of physical damage of assets, for instance from extreme weather events. However climate risk goes beyond this and affects markets, supply chain, regulations, commodity prices and economies. Thinking of climate risk in terms of physical risk,

regulation risk, carbon risk, market & technology risk, and reputation risk, allows organizations to obtain a complete overview of their climate risk exposure and identify opportunities arising from these changes.

Why is it important to act now?

Climate risk can be financially material for the business, industry, services and public sectors. Knowing and managing your climate risk and opportunities the same way as any other risks can protect your operations, bring immediate and longterm value, give access to new markets, lead to development of new technologies and products, and ensure your business stays ahead of regulation. Beyond the financial benefits, the science is clear; responsible organizations ought to act now to better secure a safe and sustainable future for next generations.

Tailor made workshops and in-house courses

Are you looking for raising awareness about climate risk and opportunities within your organization? DNV offers tailor made workshops and in-house courses where we help facilitate discussions and share knowledge about climate risk in the context of your organization.

Initial risk screening

Does your organization intend to do an early stage identification of climate risk and opportunities? DNV helps organizations in doing initial risk and opportunities mapping in a broad context for one of the climate risk categories, or a combination of these, and we help comparing your climate risk against other business risks.

In depth risk assessment

With our world leading combination of industry and technical expertise together with risk assessment and climate change expertise, DNV provides in-depth risk assessment for all climate risk categories, and in particular physical risk. We can identify assets and regions where risks are beyond critical levels. We help assess the financial impact and compare climate risk with other business risks. Our approaches are developed in close co-operation with our Strategic Research and Innovation unit.

Strategy and green growth

How does your organization integrate climate risk and opportunities in your overall business strategy? DNV can help develop a strategy which helps manage your climate risk and opportunities, establish mitigation and action plans.

Disclosure and reporting

Are investors, regulators or stock exchange commission asking your organization for more climate related risk disclosure? Building from our long term expertise in CSR, sustainability and climate change reporting DNV helps organizations with disclosing and reporting on climate risk and opportunities.

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