Hiring 100 summer students:

Can provide IT and technology undergraduates with valuable job experience

In the spring of 2019, Fredrik Kittelsen (26) was just a signature away from securing his summer job for the year. When DNV GL contacted him, he scrapped his plans and instead became project manager for the company's annual summer project.

Sommerstudenter 2019 er digitale problemløsere
Fredrik Kittelsen.
Kåre Helle.

"I was completely won over at the meeting with DNV GL," says Kittelsen.  

As a student of industrial economics and technology management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), he had heard about DNV GL and what it does for many years. But it was not until he had a meeting with the company that he realized the opportunities that actually existed there. 

"It suddenly became very clear to me that this is a place where people know what they are talking about. They have some of the country's foremost experts in absolutely all fields, and I have the impression that the company has a genuine desire to give people an opportunity to become good at whatever they want to become good at," he says. 

He is currently writing a master's thesis on the selection of innovation projects, and says he could not have found a better place to do this. 

"After all, DNV GL is first and foremost a company with a strong focus on innovation. In addition, it is so large and comprehensive that there are many interesting challenges to work on. What makes it all so exciting is that this company is actually willing to change and is open to innovative solutions." 

The in-house expertise is also useful when working on the thesis: 

"You can find employees here with doctorates in most subjects. Whatever the topic you want to find out about, there is an expert here that you can talk to. It's great fun to be surrounded by such a lot of knowledge," says Kittelsen. 

An entrepreneur that loves innovation  

In addition to studying innovation, Kittelsen is himself an innovative person and has among other things started a company called Realfagshjelpen AS. Kaare Helle, head of innovation at DNV GL, praises Fredrik's external initiative.  

"It's very positive that Fredrik has a job alongside his studies. We have a lot of in-house expertise, but always need ideas from those outside the company. So we collaborate a lot with other companies, and regard it as advantageous if the students we forge links with have relevant experience from industry," he says.  

Helle works with a number of start-up companies in DNV GL. 

"As from next year, our students will have a chance to work with start-up companies in a completely different way. Among other things, we are looking into the possibility of investing in start-ups by lending out our employees for a certain number of hours. In that way, we can look for new ideas, learn how to create a scalable company, and bring this knowledge back to the company so that it can add value to our customers and us," he says. 

Opportunities for students 

DNV GL is currently accepting applications for this year's summer jobs. Around 100 students will be given an opportunity to try working for one of the world's leading companies in the fields of risk management and quality assurance. 

"We're always looking for the best brains. We're a knowledge company, so we must make sure we are up-to-date at all times," says Helle. 

"Why should students come and work for you?" 

"First and foremost because we have an incredible number of exciting tasks to offer.  Everything from work on innovation and renewable solutions to countless opportunities in our ocean-based industries. Common to these is the use of digital solutions, often in combination with deep industry knowledge. There are quite simply a lot of options for people with technology and IT expertise. Most of those who join our company stay for very many years. You'll always feel you can learn something new here," says Helle with a smile. 

The company is now looking for IT and technology students with a burning desire to contribute to the company's purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.