Below is information on how to reach the DNV GL Centre at Høvik west of Oslo by use of car, public transport or DNV GLs shuttle bus service morning and afternoon. Map and travel planner for visitors to the DNV GL Centre is also included.

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How to reach the DNV GL Centre by car or public transport (bus, train, taxi)

Please see separate article on DNV GL's own morning and afternoon service to the DNV GL Centre. Shuttle buses to/from Sandvika station and to/from Skøyen station.

Shuttle buses to/from the Veritas Centre at Høvik

DNV's shuttle bus service morning and afternoon to/from Skøyen (Oslo) - the Veritas Centre; to/from Sandvika station - the Veritas Centre.

The DNV GL Centre – map

The DNV GL Centre was officially inaugurated in October 1976 by H.M. King Olav.